EDUSAP: online platform to reinforce...

8:18 PM
Codesap Technologies LLP

EDUSAP: online platform to reinforce...

Kozhikode: To raise the standard of education of more than 20,000 students under the jurisdiction, Kozhikode Corporation inaugurated 'EDUSAP', an Interactive Student Management Mobile App for Schools as part of the Comprehensive Education 2020 Plan. Thottathil Raveendran, Mayor of Kozhikode inaugurated the event on June 8.

Codesap Technologies LLP developed EDUSAP. IT functions on the third floor of UL Cyber Park.

“It is a platform for institutions to interact with students. The teacher-institution-student connection will be empowered and all their activities will be online and much more transparent than before” said Mohammed Rashid, Co-founder of EDUSAP.

The EDUSAP features online classes, attendance, diaries, and online exams which will be available for students, teachers, and parents to enhance and assess student learning.

“EDUSAP is not an application which comes under a Learning Management System. People should not confuse it with content providing applications like Byju’s app. It’s a student informative application but much more institution oriented” Mohammed Rashid added.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education and Sports M Radhakrishnan Master presided over the function. Binu Francis, Secretary of Kozhikode Corporation presented the project. EDUSAP Founders Mohammed Rashid and Mohammed Shameer introduced the app followed by a demonstration by team members Nasli Suhail and Febin.

By using EDUSAP everything from admissions to TCs will be done online.

Corporation health standing committee chairperson K V Baburaj, town planning standing committee chairperson C Anil Kumar, councillors P Kishan Chand, Jaloosh, Jayakrishnan, and Shabitha also addressed the gathering. Deputy Director of Education Mini welcomed and V P Rajeev delivered the vote of thanks.