Job Description

  • * At least 4 years of Proven work experience as a Database engineer
    * Knowledge of data mining, segmentation/partitioning techniques
    *Expertise in MySQL type databases(MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora)
    * Experience in AWS environment a plus
    * Familiarity with data warehousing applications
    * Familiarity with data visualization tools such as Tableau
    * Knowledge of NoSQL databases a plus
    Please share the resume to
    Contact number 9645286287

Job Skills

  • * Analyze existing database models and suggest improvements
    * Optimize database by creating necessary indexes and building stored procedures and views for most commonly used queries
    * Build a framework to conduct regular performance benchmarking of the database to identify slow running queries and potential deadlock scenarios
    * Assist development team in optimizing the queries to improve the performance of reports and other dashboards.
    * Manage data warehouse, and ETL tools for creating the warehouse, update as necessary as changes happen in the master database.
    * Monitor production database and proactively take steps to improve performance and identify potential issues with the database and implement changes as necessary * Monitor data warehouse, make sure that the warehouse is running correctly and getting updated regularly
    * Implement database monitoring tools and performance management tools for monitoring and managing database.
    * Manage backups, perform periodic testing of backups and test backup restoration procedures.