Job Description

  • Delivering a high-quality application
    Integrating with front-end developers {{ if applicable }}
    Ensuring a required level of performance
    Writing test-backed server-side code
    Analyzing requirements and designing new functionality
    Supporting and fixing existing functionality
    Selecting and using the most appropriate and efficient technologies for a particular application
    Designing and building application layers
    Experience 2 to 5 years
    Please share the resume to
    Contact : 9495809288

Job Skills

  • Proficiency in C#
    Experience using .NET Frameworks(3.5,4.5).
    Experience in developing (ASP.NET MVC ) applications
    Senior knowledge of (Entity Framework | NHibernate | ADO.NET)
    Proficient knowledge in MSSQL
    Database design including indexes and data integrity
    Implementing enterprise application patterns
    Understanding of HTML, JS, and CSS
    Familiarity with the client-side framework ( jQuery)
    Integrating web analytics tools ( particularly Google Analytics )