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AWS admin

Close date : 28-02-2018

Email : talent@gritstonetech.com

Job Description

AWS admin having php and wordpress knowledge
3 years above experience
Any degree

Key Skills

1. Creating Cloud based infrastructure required by the Software team, most of these days they create the infrastructure within secure VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) within AWS.
2. Creating and maintaining scripts to spin up and spin down instances required for application on demand.
3. Maintaining all the company followed security compliances like passwords, key rotation policies.
4. Create various types of alerts(also refer as Pager Duty alerts) that monitor systems health and report any issues if they occur and when they happen SysOps team jump on the issues and resolve them by themselves or at least escalate to the right person.
5. Cost savings/ Cost Optimization is huge part of their activities. They tag and monitor the running instances and anything that is not required to run they not only need to shut them down but also find the root cause why they were not terminated properly in the first place (process issue or software issue).
6. At last but not the least, work with DEV/STE

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