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The ParktowardsSystems
  • General Systems
    1. 100% Power back-up for all electrical supply including Central Air-conditioning.
    2. Modern Fire Detection and Suppression Systems with sprinklers, fire and smoke detectors.
    3. Tap-off points for Telecom
    4. Electricity up to 2.96 mva for the building
  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
    1. Centralized Air Conditioning with a total capacity of 1050 TR "SCREW" type water cooled chillers of "YORK make" (providing 224 Sqft per ton)
    2. AHU for tenant space
    3. FCU's for Lift lobbies
    4. BMS integrated
  • Electrical Installations
    1. Power supply via independent feeder of 11kV from Electricity Board
    2. 2 nos of 2MVA transformers
    3. Main LT distribution system will supply 415volts, 50Hz to the office units via Rising mains
    4. Power upto 6.15vA/Sq ft for lighting, power and other systems for the office units
    5. Individual dual type meter facility for billing through Building management system (both DG and EB power consumption)
    6. Stair cases and 10% of the common area will be energized with Inverter Lighting
    7. 100% power backup will be provided with 4 DG Sets (1500 x 3 nos and 500 x 1 no) of "Sterling Wilson make"
  • Lift
    1. "MITSUBISHI make" 10 lifts with capacity of 17 passengers each and 2 services lifts of capacity 1500 Kgs
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System
    1. Wet riser hydrant system
    2. External hydrant system
    3. Automatic sprinkler system
    4. Hose reel system
    5. Portable fire extinguishers
    6. Smoke detectors
    7. Heat detectors
    8. Electronic hooters
    9. Manual call points
    10. Response indicator
    11. LPG/GAS detectors
  • Security Solutions
    1. CCTV surveillance at Basements, Ground floor and Common areas
    2. 24 x 7 security
  • Telecommunication (Data & Voice) Facilities
    1. Exclusive tenant riser shaft to house cables
  • Public Addressing System
    1. PA system in all common areas controlled by BMS command center
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
    1. Advance MEMBRANE technology for treating soil and waste water (capacity 175KLD)
    2. 99.9% reuse of water for horticulture, cooling towers and flushing
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